Meditation - What is my purpose?

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Beloved Seeker on the path,
Here you will find playful Meditation techniques.
Love, Light, and Blessings for
living life consciously and intelligently
with a very delighted heart.

meditative intelligence

centered and grounded

Imagine a beautiful highway and no traffic.
Movement is smooth, with less traffic or no traffic.
The mind has nonstop traffic of thoughts and dreams.
These thoughts and dreams take our attention outside.
As the direction of the attention turns inwards,
the traffic of the mind becomes less congested
and awareness of pure consciousness blossoms within.
Meditation is the art of parking the mind and
Begin an adventure of self-discovery.

inner cosmos meditation

Creating a Healing Meditation Space

Wonderful to create a space where you can meditate everyday
the same time and the same meditation technique.
This is a time "Just for you."

Leave your mind with your shoes outside,
Welcome to a meditation healing space.
Relax your body and refer to the meditation instructions below.
Let's meditate.

meditation healing space

healing meditation

What is my purpose?

Once upon a time...
a king went hunting in the jungle...
caught one of the most beautiful bird...
beautiful feathers, exotic colors....simply fascinating.
brought it back to the palace...
guards upon guards upon guards....
Big king…so his kingdom was big.
Central room in the central palace.
special room for the bird.
Many watchmen and security guards.
Golden cage...studded with diamonds and rubies and emeralds...
Most delicious food....
Not many birds in the history of bird life,
Had the fortune to have bird food directly from king’s kitchen.
by and by the bird started liking that cage.
forgot to fly...became sad and depressed.
One day someone took the risk
Opened the cage...and let the bird out....
it felt the flutter in it's wings...
took off...
in the vastness of the blue sky...
Yesss it is possible...big birds may eat this fellow up,
the rains may shatter it's wings...
and the lightening may burn him up...
Yet...the joy feel the vastness...the open sky...
the freedom...
The bird is born to fly...not to stay in a cage.
Yesssss there may be problems and challenges...
It has to follow it's fly.
It has to do it's fly.
because that's what the bird is supposed to do.

Now, meditate on the thought -
What am I supposed to do? What's my true nature?
What is my purpose?

More Inner Cosmos Meditations

Inner Cosmos energy healing in Los Angeles Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

healing light

Darkness in life disappears as the Healing Light appears

The power of healing is within you.
All that a healer can do is to remove the blocks and
clear cluttered energy clouds from the aura energy body,
so the energy of healing starts flowing.

love truth heart frozen

When the healer has stepped out from his ego,
and the seeker has stepped out from challenges and pain,
when the healer sees no seperation,
as if the other is an extention of me,
a heart full of love holding this vision of oneness
a healing space is created,
and in this healing space,
there is a harmonious energy transmission,
a dialogue happens in the silence between the healer and the seeker of health,
at that moment, between the two, healing occurs.
And if it happens, the healer will always know that
he was available only as a catalyst guide to channel a divine force,
receiving energy and information from other dimensions
for divine healing.
The healer will be as grateful for the experience as the seeker of health.

heart like sun

Healing happens in the presence of a healer

To be a healer is one of the most challenging things.
Because you need to know all the tools and the techniques,
when to use them and when not to use them and
in a way forget all the tools and techniques,
so that you can listen sincerely.
Entirely being in the present with sincere attention and intention
listening to the spoken words and the unspoken words, the gestures and
guided by the energy of the space between you and the client.
In this space, there are moments
when the patient/client also listens to his/her inner voice.
In these dynamics of hearing,
the presence of a healer, the aura, the inner light
guidance comes through, and healing happens.

“One of the first things I experienced was
a huge increase in physical energy.
As a cancer patient since 1998, fatigue has been my constant companion.
I was and continue to be amazed at how light my feet are these days.
I can accomplish so much more with so much less effort.
What a joy it is!
Part of the energy comes from a renewed feeling of enthusiasm for life -
also something I haven't felt for years.
It seems that I have stepped up to a new level of clarity
about what's important and
what I need to do to accomplish the goals I choose.
This has contributed to a new hope for the future and
a belief that perhaps, after all, I can succeed.
It has been very revealing and helpful
to identify both the places where I was stuck
and the means to move on.
I feel a sense of optimism that I haven't experienced in a very long time.
I feel happy! And the best part is that I continue to feel "up."
The good feelings don't stop.
Thank you so much for making such a huge difference in my life.”
C.Farkas, CPA

Chakras are your doors and windows to the universe.
As the petals of your chakras open gracefully,
the love and the light of the universe flow into your life.
Where you experience -
You are a part of this universe.
You are connected.
This connection is magic.

This connection makes you
An excellent receiver of good quality positive energy of the universe.
To receive, two conditions need to be fulfilled.
a. Your cup is clean and empty
b. Your container is in a receiving position.

chakra cleansing

Everybody wants big things in their life,
better relationships, more money, more time, more freedom etc.
Authentic seekers do not run after these things.
An authentic seeker asks one question -
How can I be a clean vessel to hold good energy?
How can I be a more significant and a better vessel to receive good energy?
The universe will go out of its way to fill your clean cup...
if you are in a receiving mode.

being present

Become an excellent receiver doing
energy cleansing and balancing at nine levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial,
Occupational, Psychic and Karmic.

Energy healing empowers you from the inside out
to playfully and blissfully create everything you need and desire.

“I went in somewhat skeptical.
Satish's work convinced me of the validity of his gift and expertise.
From the moment he touched my foot, I felt energy rush through my body.
I came to Satish, suffering from a heavy and long term case of the blues
that neither self help, nor prayer remedied.
Weeks after my session with Satish, I still feel lighter, happier.
Now when I think about my future I feel true optimism.
I realize that being led to him was the answer to my true prayer.
Thank you Almighty God and
thank you Satish for being a conduit for that energy.”
Shana Love, Administrative Assistant

Energy healing will show you how you can
fulfill your most treasured goals and desires.
Not by making window-dressing changes,
but by connecting with your core being.

How do I find the right healer?

There are no right healers or wrong healers.
However, there are healers and technicians.
Technicians are those who have learned a few techniques in some weekend class
or have read a book or something similar and apply the techniques.
The right techniques can certainly help a client feel good.
A true healer is very different from a technician.
If you simply want to feel good, any technician will do.
If you want to experience transformation, you'll have to find a true healer.
In fact, when you experience that humbleness -
and you are open and ready to ask for help,
then a true healer appears in your life.

“The aha moment...
Information sublimes to wisdom!
Matter sublimes to light!!
Gravity sublimes to levity!!!
and suddenly...
The wings remembered.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Problems are simple.
Solutions are simple.

“Satish is one of those extremely rare and beautiful enlightened beings
that you may read or hear about but never actually meet in a lifetime.
I have been blessed to cross his path and
receive his profound healing energies
which have completely changed my life
from one based on fear and crisis to one of unconditional love and joy.
I am now pursuing new paths that I never thought possible”
William Neil Hirsch, Voice-Over Actor

Just one has to get out of the mind to see this simplicity.
And then whatever is done by a healer,
in silence, in peace, in love, in joy, will be medicinal,
will be a soothing sharing of well-being and health.
Healer's presence is a healing force like a candle in the darkness.
An experience that will touch your soul.


Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

“I will hold the first three fingers of your right hand and
in 3 minutes tell you the blueprint of your energies...
Your blocks ... What stops you ... What will help ... and more.
Bring your questions
Why? When? What? Where? Who? How...
And receive chakra energy healing to help you
align with your highest potential.”

it's never as you think

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

If you want your tomorrows to be different than yesterdays,
Do something different Today.
Take a step towards your Next Level

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