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Throat Chakra - The Fifth Chakra


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Understanding the Throat Chakra - The Fifth Chakra Healing


Throat chakra - Blue fifth chakra healing


As the petals of the throat chakra open...

You enter into the space of "your highest" truth and creativity.

The throat chakra is an instrument with which we communicate with

the angels, masters, guides, the spirit world and the physical world.

Its basic function is expression and communication...

at many levels and all the formats.

Thought forms, internal dialogues, verbal and non verbal expression, art,

desires, intentions...are all different forms of communication .

Communication brings the desired results.

Imbalance at the throat chakra creates distorted communication.

And distorted communication is the root cause of all the struggles in life.

Once this is understood, and some effort is directed towards

opening the throat chakra,

you step into your personal power - your core truth.

Truth liberates...sets you free.


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English name :  Throat Chakra, also called the fifth chakra

Sanskrit name :  Vishuddha

Location :  Base of the throat

Color :  Blue

Element :  Sound

Directly affects :  The spiritual body

Core functions :  Communication, truth, sound, self expression, creativity

Challenges when throat chakra is not open or in balance : 


Basically there are two types of chakra imbalances.

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony

Needless talking, listening disability, burnt out, fatigue, feeds on others attention, unaware liar.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony

Absence of authority, struggle in career - business, fear of speaking, speechlessness, negative internal dialogue, shy, unable to say the right thing.

Physical symptoms of throat chakra imbalance

Throat related problems, thyroid and neck challenges, lack of dynamism and motivation,  

When the throat chakra is balanced :

Communicates easily, clearly and with authority, harmonious voice, closer to inner truth and creativity, developed artistic talents, influential.


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Just as each button of a remote control is 

programmed for a specific function of a device,

Each chakra governs a certain aspect of our human life.


Ckakra energy healing in Los Angeles


If somebody said something or did not say...and you got affected,

somebody did something or did not do...and you got affected...

it's said, "They" pushed your buttons.

If your peace and harmony are dependant on others,

If your buttons are pushed a lot...

The remote control of your life is in someone else's hand.


Empowerment simply means 

Holding the remote control of your life in your hands.


Understanding how the energy centers - the chakras - work,

we create harmony between mind, body, soul and spirit...

Chakra Healing accelerates us on our path towards self actualization.


At Inner Cosmos we invite you on a fascinating journey...

from Chaos to Cosmos.


Aura clearing and cleansing with Chakra Healing.

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health.


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