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A Sufi story

Once upon a time...

journey Two persons were traveling through the night. One had a lamp, another had no lamp. But while they were both walking together their path was lit.

The path of the one who had no lamp was also lit, and he was very happy. He never bothered about any lamp - what was the need?

But then they came to a crossroad, and the man who had a lamp had to go his way. Suddenly there was darkness. Now the other man suffered very much. 

He started crying and weeping, saying,

 " Why didn't I learn how to make a lamp? Why didn't I ask the man how to light the lamp? My own lamp - even if it were small - would have been better than this...

...but I never thought about it. I had thought everything was going so well,  so what was the need - The path was lit.

But now....."

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