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Energy Healing School in Los Angeles

Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges


Healing the past, Sense of direction and clarity about the future and

to have multi-purpose energy healing tools in the present and

the wisdom - when to use the tools and when to simply be,

is the most valuable gift you can ever give yourself.

Master Healer and NLP practitioner Satish


There's a wonderful joke about a fellow

who has his head in a red hot oven and

his feet in a bucket of ice.

His statistics say: on average I'm fine.


What does he need? Heart Centered Clarity.


Your core ability to see clearly, feel clearly and hear clearly

that enables you to think clearly

is the single most important ingredient

that creates the difference that makes the difference in your life.


Developing High Sense Perception, Centering and Grounding techniques

Inner Cleansing, Hands on Healing and Long Distance Healing,

 Healership Skills, Attracting Universal Abundance, 

Meditation and a lot more...


Skills for uneven, uncertain and changing climate of life.

Skills that position you in an empowering space.

Skills that will transform you forever...


All in One Place.


Inner Cosmos Energy Healing School in Los Angeles

Center for vertical personal growth


Personal and Spiritual Growth Programs offered 

Chakra Healing School in Los Angeles

Cleansing   Balancing   Healing


Energy Healing School - KriyaShakti

Empowerment for Accelerated Energy Healing



Master healer training

Beyond tools...Beyond techniques...Towards sheer radiance


Totality... Vitality... Attractivity



Energy Healing Classes and Workshops 

offered in Los Angeles, California.

Group classes are offered internationally upon request.


Energy healing unlocks your true potential

Space is limited.

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Inner Cosmos Energy Healing School Events

Chakra Healing More 2018 : March 2nd - 4th
Kriya Shakti More 2018 : March 30th-April 1
Master Healer Training More 2018 : Nov 10th - 16th
Being Heart Centered More 2018 : June 1st - 3rd


Inner Cosmos Energy Healing School

Center for vertical personal growth 

Kriya Shakti - Apply inner world formulas for outer world success


Chakra Healing School - Flowering from within


Custom Private Sessions designed just for you

Energy Healing   Chakra Healing   Long Distance Healing  

Healing Depression, Sadness and Anxiety   Stress Management  

Study Skills   Past Life Regression   Future Life Progression

Vibrational Psychic Reading    Acting Career   Acupuncture and Herbs

Learn more about Private Sessions


Relationship Healing Sessions

Valentine Gift   Dating    Romance Relationship   Emotional Healing

Broken Heart Healing   Abuse Healing   Divorce Support

Psychic Reading   Chakra Healing   Distance Healing


World Peace begins with Inner Peace

Join Satish for an afternoon meditation 

on Wed, 21st Dec @ 4:00 pm

For more details click here


For introductory presentation in your area.

If you have a group of 20 or more interested seekers,

we'll be happy to do a 2 hr class, custom designed for your group.


Get Ready for some amazing changes in your life

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