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Close your eyes, go within and ask yourself 

What do you want and How soon will you have it?


From desire to thought to idea to planning to execution

there are many factors that influence the results.

Your core Vibrational energy 

is the single most important ingredient

that creates the difference that makes the difference.


The amount of Good luck that happens in your life is directly proportional

to the Good Vibrational energy that you carry with you 


vibrational psychic reading in Los Angeles with Satish


Relationship Insight - Career Path - Money Matters - Business concerns

And a lot more...Unfold the mysteries of your Soul's Destiny.


More Possibilities than you ever imagined

 in a Single psychic readings session


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What are you Broadcasting to the Universe?


vibrational psychic reading in los angeles


The response you get from others in your personal and professional life

is the result of the vibrations you broadcast.


Control the response you get from others

by first becoming aware of your vibrations.


psychic reading


Vibrations are very subtle... like the fragrance of a flower.

Just as each flower releases a unique fragrance,

similarly each belief held within releases a certain vibration.

And people around respond to it...some knowingly...some unknowingly.


Beliefs are the software that runs your mind - the way you think.

And the way you think shapes your destiny.

If you were to realize how powerful your beliefs are

You would never have a non-supportive belief again.

Master Healer and NLP practitioner Satish


Vibrational Psychic Readings with Satish 

helps you get valuable insights 

about your Vibrational energy bodies and the energy centers called chakras.

These insights give you better sense of direction and clarity

that unlocks your creative energy adding more fulfillment in your life


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Quantum physics have validated the fact that 

everything in the universe is created from energy and 

the various forms of energy are inter-convertible. 

Everything is just vibrations, 

crisscrossing vibrations creating an illusion of matter 

exactly as intersection of two lines create an illusion of a point.


The more Vibrations of love and life you feel, 

the more deeply and fully your heart center will bloom.

And as more love and compassion radiate from your heart,

people around you feel a peaceful joy for no apparent reason.

As if suddenly there has come a sunrise in the middle of the day,

a freshness and radiance all around you...


What does that mean to your relationship - career - business?


Love - Happiness - Peak Performance - Creativity - Personal Magnetism

Health and Harmony - Freedom - Playfulness - Meditation

These are vibrations at different frequencies.


Vibrational Psychic Readings with Satish 

gives you insights and guidance

So You Can achieve and align with your highest potential.


Vibrational Psychic Reading with Satish in Los Angeles


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