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Past Life Regression with Satish

Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges


An invitation to journey with a healer from India

who has visited his 17 past lives and 

is willing to share with you the hidden mysteries

that we carry all the time...but never opened the box.


Past Life Regression with Satish

Window that opens to the infinite "YOU"


Are you in the body? or is the body in you? 


Are you disconnected from the body?

Where are you???


Were you really welcomed to this planet?

Heal the pre-birth womb issues


Clear the old energies. Create more space for 'you'.

Heal traumas and emotional wounds of the past.

Get insights for mysterious re-occurring patterns in your life.

Connect with the core wisdom of your lifetimes.


Past Life Regression for me is a healing tool that opens me 

up to the infinity. Most people  have just heard about infinity and freedom...never tasted it. Once you go through this experience of being infinite...You are never the same again. 

The bud has become the flower.

Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish


Join us in this 3-day life transformational journey with Satish

as he guides you step by step

from the take off to the 'safe' landing back...

and as you heal and unburden...enter the depth of clarity.


It's easy to journey with someone 

who knows his inner map well.


Past Life Regression with Satish


Weekend intensive : Fri, Sat, Sun

Los Angeles, California


Registration : $ 618


For registration and reservation Call 310-470-8150


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We are located on the west side of Los Angeles, in Westwood, close to

Santa Monica, Brentwood, UCLA, Century City, Bel Air and Beverly Hills.


Call for directions from

Culver City, Venice, Playa Del Rey, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey,

Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Pasadena,

Studio City, Lakewood, Torrance, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach,

Redondo Beach, Silver Lake, Sherman Oaks, Palos Verdes.


Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges



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