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This is a place where you will find playful Meditation techniques.

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Life is beautiful


It can be enjoyed only with the attitude of celebration.

All else is a drag.

Drag means:

Born in 1970

Died in 1990

Buried in 2065.


Let your life be integrated at the center of celebration.

Only choose that which is celebrating, joyous.

If you can go on dropping all that is non-celebrative, serious,

You will be moving in the right direction.

Cultivate all that brings joy and celebration – at all levels.

Physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, occupational.

If only the body dances, it is happiness; something is missing in it.

If only the soul dances then it is very subtle,

abstract, not of the earth.

It has wings but no roots; again something is missing.

Between the two is the bridge of the mind.

The mind can divide the two; it can also unite the two.

When the mind divides, it is called division.

When it unites, it is called meditation.

And when all the three –

Mind, body and soul dance blissfully together,

As if they are one - that is celebration.


So let this be your criterion.

Whenever the question arises of what has to be done,

This has to be the criterion:

If it brings joy, do it.

And whatsoever brings joy to you will bring joy to others too.

Sometimes it may not be very apparent,

But this is the fundamental law:

That which brings joy to you is bound to bring joy to everybody,

And that which brings misery to you is bound to create misery for others, sooner or later.

There is no other service.

All that goes on in the name of duty is ugly.

Duty is a dirty four-letter word; avoid it!

Do things out of joy but never out of duty. 


Celebration means expansion.

When somebody is celebrating,

Energy starts moving in ripples and can spread all over existence.

An expanding energy can feel moons and stars and suns within itself,

The whole universe within oneself.


Only one who is innocent enough to celebrate small things of life

can understand that life exists.

Because life exists in the small things:

The food you eat,

The walk that you go for in the morning.

The love that you have for your beloved,

The friendship that you have with somebody,

Moments when you start falling into sleep,

When you start rising early in the morning.

Life exists in such small things.


Don’t miss a single opportunity of saying yes to life.

When you say yes, say it with great celebration and joy.

Celebration has to become your religion.

Misery is sin.

Sadness and seriousness are companions of misery.

Joy is virtue,

And all that helps joy should be nourished, cherished, invited.

Continue to meditate, and continue to dance and sing.

See life in as many ways as possible, in all its colors’.

Celebrating, you come closer and closer to the heart of reality.

The moment you stop celebrating, you are cut, disconnected.

Celebration is the bridge.

When you dance, it is not only you who is dancing;

the whole existence is dancing with you –

The earth and the sun and the moon and the stars.

It is a celebrating existence...

it is continuously dancing.


Life is beautiful.

God is hidden everywhere and in millions of ways...

The celebration is already happening.

The invitation has been given to you – simply participate.

Unless your life can become a celebration,

a tremendous joy, don’t be satisfied, don’t be contented.

Go on searching:

There must be some method,

There must be some way where you can lose yourself completely,

Madly, in ecstasy.


The world is in a celebration.

You can stand by the side...

You can remain just a spectator.

My invitation is to become a participant.


Be happy, so that you only attract happy people...

Happiness protects.

You attract only people who love happiness and

You think of life in terms of celebration, festivity.

Whomsoever we attract, we attract.

It has been noted that people fall in love

With the same type of person again and again and again.

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time to celebrate life.



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