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Long Distance Healing

Some examples of Distance Healing

A mother from the Orient sent to Satish a photograph via the Internet of her two children, ages 3 and 5, who had both been totally deaf and mute since birth. After several weeks of transmitting healing energies at a distance, the mother reported that her children were responding to her voice and her commands. They also began to make sounds and form words for the very first time.

 A client in Hawaii reported to Susanna that her daughterís school performance and social life were inhibited by fears and anxieties. After a short session on the phone, followed by distance healing, the mother reported that her daughter had come out from her shadow and was a changed person.

A friendís teenage son was behaving badly, his school performance had dropped off and he was dealing drugs. His attitude towards his mother was rude and abusive, and he refused therapy. After long distance healing, he had a dramatic about turn. He became loving to his mother, and is devoted to her to this day. He works hard at a challenging job and is preparing for college. His involvement with drugs ended and he only has an occasional beer.

A Japanese client was frustrated as her mother was far away in Japan, suffering from severe depression and loneliness. After just one session of healing, she lightened up, and rediscovered the simple joys of being alive. Once again she became socially engaged, and found meaning in life.  

Can anyone perform Distance Healing?


Although this technique may be learned,

to achieve consistently effective results requires

a high level of development and attainment.

How does Long Distance Energy Healing work?

As we know from the science of holography,

all life is connected to a universal energy  field.

This phenomenon is also referred to as the web of life.  

As one part of the web is influenced, the whole web and

all that is connected to it, becomes changed.

From the perspective of the healer, energies are transmitted

to a subject,  identified by their unique signature frequency.

This frequency, identified by the voice on the telephone,

or a photograph, or perhaps even a strand of hair,

serves as a wave on which energy, as intention,

or focused consciousness,

 is transmitted through  the universal energy field and

received by the subject.


Scientific experiments have shown that energy, or

"QI" of the orient, has the ability

to bring about transformation from a distance.

As all of life is consciousness, and

consciousness is not limited by space or time,

then focalized consciousness with transformational powers

may be specifically directed for healing purposes.



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