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World Peace begins with Inner Peace

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Inner Cosmos energy healing - flowering from within

Presents an afternoon introduction to

Energy Healing School - Kriya Shakti

Empowerment for Accelerated Energy Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

with Satish in Los Angeles, California

World Peace begins with Inner Peace - 21st Dec

At this time of upheaval and chaos in the world today, humanity is presented with a choice. It has often been said "Many are called, but few are chosen." 


Yet in reality, the choice is for each one of us.

The choice is offered to all, yet who among us will choose?


As the world continues to wage war, let us choose peace.

As the skies darken with smoke and pollution, let us radiate clarity and light.

And as the government and news media present fiction and lies,

Let us align with our core truth.


Join Satish @ Inner Cosmos for 

an afternoon meditation and healing as we journey within,

opening the inner doorways to truth, peace and beauty.


Source - the wellspring of love and creativity within, is calling you home.

It's where it all begins...

For registration and reservation Call Now.

Inner Cosmos Energy Healing School

Center for vertical personal growth


Donation requested: $21

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