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Kriya Shakti graduates comments


In these 3 days I experienced the transition from therapist to healer. It was a grace and a blessing I had not been aware that my soul was asking for. It has ignited my passion to serve the world in an even deeper and greater way and tremendously increased my capacity for unconditional love.

Robin Ruth, Massage therapist / Healer

I love the process of learning how to heal others. The golden rods were amazing for me. I was totally moved by the message I received during the deep breathing exercise. The work we did with our ancestors just opened up a lot of doors, answered questions, I never even thought to ask and gave me a greater appreciation for those generations before me who helped shape the woman that I am.

I am so excited for the wonderful changes that will soon occur in my life, that will be far greater than anything I could have even imagined because I have been blessed by so many rich souls these last three days.

Davida Colona Roberts, Fashion / Style Expert

This Kriya Shakti class has been an amazing experience. As you know, I've taken several classes and each one has been a unique experience with very powerful results. This group was meant to be together. Each individual came with lots of love. I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits!

Troy C, Entertainment Exec

My deepest experience was connection. I was put in room filled with strangers across the country. I felt a deep connection and love for every person in the room. I am so grateful that I was able to learn and grow and experience new and powerful healing techniques in such a loving and nurturing environment. You, Satish, are a very special soul and it was a real pleasure getting to know you and learning from you. I look forward to being your student again in the very near future. Thank you for a truly enlightening experience.

Kim Garibaldi, Student

It's hard to put into words how amazing this experience was. But Giggling is a good thing. :) ... But space is even better. The foundation to manifest... just breathe - slow, smooth, deep and relaxed... Be comfortable and be present! Awwwwww yeah !!!

Nic E, Media Sales

I saw a vision. The vision is my thirst!

Shahane Poghosyan, Designer

Another wonderful step forward towards finding joy, satisfaction and enlightenment. I look forward to continuing the journey

Bryan Davidson, FP MD.

Thank you very much Satish for giving so much love and serving a slice of the divine here in LA. I am very grateful I could come and connect to the practices and the beautiful group who were led here by spirit.

Simon Nash, Environmental Economist

If one is looking for answers to find oneself, or guidance to do so, Kriya Shakti provides both. This is a beautiful process of finding power within. Satish's care, wisdom and complete devotion are something rare and precious. I will never forget this experience. It has elevated me to heights I did not expect. This is a wonderful opportunity to open up so much in a safe, inviting space. Thank you so much, Satish! You're amazing!

Elena Gadelev, Hypnotherapist

I don't know how to put my experience into words. I will attempt by saying that I was lucky enough to be in a group of deeply spiritual souls. Each touched my heart and together we evolved to new places on our respective paths. What an amazing beginning to the rest of my journey!

Amanda Meschwitz

Working as a body worker / healer for last 4 years, learned many techniques, had many healing sessions done. There were still many issues that I could not solve. Taking your class was great eye opening. Now I know... Thank you. Love and Peace :)

Saori, Body worker / Healer

"This weekend  workshop was pure bliss from the beginning to the end. ...even though I hit some obstacles and barriers within myself along the way, I came out with a joy, love and understanding of fellow man, the principles of Kriya Shakti and most importantly, myself. This workshop is not for those people unwilling to work on themselves. Many times I was confronted with my ego which tried to stop me from learning and growing...into a beautiful new, more conscious me.

I realized at what price self-growth comes - it's hard. The exercises you chose were perfectly fit for the group's level of understanding. I was given powerful life-changing tools, as was promised on the flyer...

I know that within just three days, I emerged as different than when I walked in. The energy in the room, filled with high expectations and a huge schedule, was clearly one of the best I have ever learned or worked in.

The energy healing approach we were taught is out of this world. Pure light and love came through each of us, giving me strength and courage to continue on my healing path. The meditations, the excursions into other realms, the channeling, and much more, was so overwhelmingly beautifully staged in your temple that I cannot really thank you enough or show my gratitude for what you have given me. What I would ideally like to hear is that  you take your idea and expand your workshop and have it last 21 days, as I am sure it is an even more effective and powerful way to transform our lives.

With the tools you have given me I am already experiencing some major shifts in my life...most importantly being guided by the universe in the right direction. Having found you on the internet is just a tiny demonstration of how powerful thought can be. Meeting you both has been the best thing ever - to have the privilege of getting all these valuable insights, training, blessings."

With all my love, 

Laura Gollnow, artist

"Sometimes in your life you spend so much of your time dreaming and wishing for things - possessions, love, career, money, achievements. Well, when you get those things what happens next? What do you dream about then? I had all of those things and funnily enough I still wasn't happy. Fortunately for me everything in the universe conspired to my introduction to Satish. I wasn't sick, depressed, or in desperate need, it wasn't a self-help thing. I was just a little lost and dazed - life has a way of getting in the way.

I can only say that spending time with Satish has reminded me of the true kindness of humanity, like someone wrapping their arms around you and surrounding you with love. His intentions are so honorable, like a family member watching over you, always caring, always attentive, always understanding and considerate. He knows as soon as you walk in the door what you are feeling, what you are hiding, what you are needing...Sometimes in life it's hard to even be honest with your self, but he sees that.

After knowing Satish for a little while he invited me to spend the weekend with himself, Susanna and a handful of others. Well, I didn't know what to expect and was a little apprehensive at first, but I went along and truly had the most remarkable weekend, full of love, laughter, companionship, friendly faces and real true kindness - like I've never felt before, no ulterior motives, no one asked who I was or what I did, no one cared about the superficial stuff. We were all there to share and be kind, and everyone had the best of intentions, and in life to me that's the most important thing, not what you achieve but that your intentions are good and honorable. 

If you are lucky enough to be invited into this inner circle, dive right in, take a chance, a risk, a gamble - don't have any expectations, just go for it - do something for yourself and you'll be astonished what you'll find.

Satish and Susanna, all I can say is thank you so very much for inviting me into your wonderful world and sharing your love, kindness and hot tea! I was in turmoil when I stepped through the door on that Friday morning in December, but I left three days later with clarity and love in my heart. Thank you both once again - I can't express in words how much you have both taught and helped me. I hope this vague attempt will portray my eternal gratitude.

Love, Angela Costa, Actress

"...thank you for your graciousness. It means the world to me to have so much support. The three day intensive workshop was a great tool for my personal development. I realized I hold myself back from completely taking everything in and learning to my full potential... I had such a great time being with a bunch of strangers. I say this because it did take a lot of courage for me to do what we all did as a group. I am often very intimidated about sharing my feelings in any room. So I thank you and myself for the opportunity to open up. The experience was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who is open to a "higher situation."

 Susanna's words that completed our weekend workshop, the last meditation, was what hit home for me. I have always heard these words from god, telling me I am a child of the light and I have an important mission here. I have had a lot of trouble accepting this intense message. Over the years I have doubted myself. That night really confirmed that I am not crazy. "It is a grandiose thought", I would think. Now I am facing this truth that I gratefully accept. My writing will play a big part in being the messenger. I now have a clearer vision. I realize what I am supposed to write. ...this call is something great that must be held precious....

Blessings and Love, Carey R.

"Very exciting days, each and every day, since attending your class. The biggest change in reality is, I do not need to drink! It's amazing - I can enjoy myself without drinking. I carried that trauma for so long, and have tried to quit for six years. It seems that everything that I want to do is coming to me since the alcohol habit is gone. I feel so good about myself. I did not even try so hard - as if you guys took that energy away! What a wonderful feeling. The universe is my friend now. Before taking the class I did not have this consciousness. Thank you so much."

Love, Yumi Nishi

Massage Therapist


"I was able to open myself up to energy more than I have been able to in the past. I loved that I could sense someone's energy field..."

Brett Harmon, Aircraft Mechanic

"The best experience I had during this class was that my third eye finally opening, which I had been trying to do for years... It just happened during last night and during guided meditation towards the end of the class."

Farhad Kazemi, Reconnective Healer

"Thank you so much for a comfortable space. I could breathe deeply and warmly. For the first time in my life, I am completely aware that my breath is a door to my inner soft world. It was exciting to feel my inner world expand with my breath."

Hiromi M, Professor

"Thank you for the workshop...there are no words to describe all the miracles we were shown that weekend. It was an amazingly overwhelming experience that set forth a chain of life changing events. The most valuable lesson learned is about healing...that with healing and faith a person can cure absolutely any disease or illness. I now believe this with my heart and am eternally grateful that you helped me realize this.

The challenge I was put to this summer, how you healed in a week something doctors could not fix in three months ( serious medical disease )...After the workshop I was put to test again ( I think the reason was so I could apply these techniques and cure myself ) and it worked - The problems went away.

Thank you for helping me find a key that all the doctors and hospitals should have."

Maiken L



"One of the first thing I experienced was a huge increase in physical energy. As a cancer patient since 1998, fatigue has been my constant companion. I was and continue to be amazed at how light my feet are these days. I can accomplish so much more with so much less effort. What a joy it is! Part of the energy comes from a renewed feeling of enthusiasm for life - also something I haven't felt for years. It seems that I have stepped up to a new level of clarity about what's important and what I need to do to accomplish the goals I choose. This has contributed to a new hope for the future and a belief that perhaps, after all I can succeed. It has been very revealing and helpful to identify both the places where I was stuck and the means to move on. I feel a sense of optimism that I haven't experienced in a very long time. I feel happy! And the best part is that I continue to feel "up." The good feelings don't stop. Thank you so much for making such a huge difference in my life."


C.Farkas, CPA


"I first started working with Satish after the idea had been suggested to me that a horrible chain of destructive events, along with a series of severe nightmares might actually be indicative of a malicious psychic attack. I had had no experience whatsoever with that kind of thing in the past, and was not only at a total loss in understanding the workings of such things, but was also very skeptical. I was however in a lot of pain at that point, and was willing to explore the possibilities. These events had progressed over a couple of years, and had culminated in the destruction of many aspects of my life. My original intent in contacting Satish was only to get a "second opinion" as to if in fact I was experiencing the effects of dark forces. Satish not only confirmed that it was true, but also proceeded to give me so much insight and information about my life, the lives of those involved, and our relationships, that I could not help but believe in the truth of his words. At that point, I decided to go ahead and start long distance healing with him. I was on the other side of the country, and my loved ones on the other side of the globe. Satish was able to do an enormous amount of healing for us. I was amazed at the very real presence of benevolent energy sensations that felt in working with him at such a distance. I was becoming so convinced at that point, that I decided to travel to LA to have healing sessions, and to take the Kriya Shakti course. Satish's in person healing sessions were amazing. He intuited things about me, and past life experiences that I never could have imagined. In fact I was at first unsure that reincarnation even existed. I never imagined that I would ever do a past life regression, but it seemed to be the next step. Satish gently guided me through a process that was so undeniably real, that I was left with no other option but to believe in it. The knowledge that I gained from the experience helped me to understand many aspects of the situation that I had found myself in, as well as many experiences that I had had throughout my life. The Kriya Shakti course was also wonderful. New to understanding energy work, and struggling with my own healing at the time, I found myself in a beautiful healing environment of safety. I was connected with a group of lovely people in a journey of self-discovery, and discovery of "the mysterious" nature of energy. The outcome was transforming. I have continued to work with Satish long distance for several months since then, and am now seeing the results of his healing work and the empowerment that he has given us manifesting in our lives in very big ways. Thanks to his knowledge, ease and ability in connecting with the higher powers and healing energies in the universe, we are all experiencing great healing and protection in our lives. I found Satish at a point in my life where my heart had been broken so wide open that all I could do was cry out to my God for help with the utmost of passion. God answered my prayers by connecting me with a truly masterful healer."


R K Lewis, Artist

Thank you Satish and Susanna for a great 3 day work shop. Learning the techniques of Kriya Shakti  opened my eyes to a new positive learning experience and way of life. It was enlightening to sit in a room full of like minded men and women interested in the art of energy healing. You are both amazing teachers and have such a gift.
Thanks again and I will see you in the next work shop.

Michael Hartman


During this class I felt energies more clearly and strongly than before. It feels like movement along the path to becoming a healer. My deepest pain and fear were given words. Now there is something to work on.

Drew Beach

This class was truly a blessing. Each process, if approached whole-heartedly, is absolutely transformational. I leave these classes with far more clarity than when I had arrived. Satish said it right - it is impossible to leave this class the same person. Truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tim Symington

Words fail to do this class justice. My life will always be richer and closer to Heaven & Earth due to these three days. The most beautiful, wonderful experience I have ever had. Many many thanks. Much Love.

Patricia Sardella, Actress - Writer

It was a wonderful and amazing experience. It changed my whole view on many things and how I was living. I feel like it opened my eyes to a whole new world full of exciting possibilities. I learned and discovered so much, not only about the chakras, but also of myself. It was inspiring and life changing and I am so glad to have taken this course. Thank you.

Lizette Bartell, UCLA Graduate Student

Magical... Very beautiful... Fascinating... Challenging... Overwhelming ( at times ) - but very, very good. I learned so much. Thank you for your generosity Satish and Susanna. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keli Squires Taylor, Photographer

This workshop weaves itself thru the tapestry of how one creates themselves, their life and their perspective...revealing what is true, what is now time to release and what the new possibilities are for creating a new tapestry of greater love, self love, peace and joy. I highly recommend this workshop if inner and outer transformation is calling you. Satish and Susanna create a supportive, nurturing and wisdom container in which to dive as deep as one wants create anew.

Linda Anne Bannon

The safest place a person can go to without fear - even with a group of individuals you don't know. Truly a miracle that most do not experience.

A wonderful and joyful experience to open to a bigger perspective of yourself, which can lead to the magic of life. I somehow guided myself off the path of wonderment as the years have gone by. The class has provided me with the possibility of leading me to a road where I can have that sense of wonderment all the time. Thank you!

PS: The snacks were great too! Thanks to both of you again!!

Stacey M, Project Manager


"The Kriya Shakti program was one of the most restful and energizing weekends of my life. Before going I struggled with putting aside the obligations of my busy life and clearing time for myself. Now a month later, I am so glad that I did. The techniques I learned have been invaluable. I use them everyday and am still amazed by their effectiveness. My voice and intuition have strengthened. I feel stronger as I go to work everyday and stronger still as I go through life."


L B, Website Strategist


"I felt more awake and alive after the workshop this weekend.  I also felt more sensitive to the world around me, and more compassion for my friends and family.  Satish presented A LOT of information, but each process was explained in detail, and he was always ready and willing to answer my questions in detail.

Just being in the presence of Satish is a remarkable experience. He has so much knowledge and wisdom to share.  During the course of the weekend, I learned new things about myself.  Interestingly, I didn't learn them through conversation -- I learned them by engaging fully in the processes that were presented.  I feel more awake than I have ever felt before, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Satish."


Adam Short, Internet Marketing


"Thank you so much for the Kriya Shakti workshop. It was a tremendously healing and truly freeing experience. The whole universe is celebrating and your work is an invitation to join the party!"


L.L, Attorney


"My experience has been amazing. It's something I will encourage my friends to do. I can't wait to do a class with my mum. I really enjoyed the activity where we envisioned being trees and balloons, and also where we wrote the color we opened my awareness. Thank you Satish. I'm creating a new Carley"


Carley. S, Magazine Editorial


"My experience was more of a personal healing journey. I learned the importance of grounding and how to be present in my body. I appreciated your wonderful metaphors and humor as well"


Kiere Eichelberger, Doctoral Student


"This class brought me back to my center. It brought me back to myself and reminded me of what I want to do with my life. This class gave me time and space to really look at myself again. Normally I don't have that luxury with 2 small children! I feel more in my body and more clear in my life. Thank you."


Jamie Lyn Demaray, Mom / Massage Therapist

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